communicating the value of a business or organization

Whether you are a large corporation, a small start-up, or somewhere in between, we can help you tell your story in an effective and compelling manner.

Helping tell your story in an effective & compelling manner

Our philosophy is that business communication doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we believe the opposite is true. Simplicity is the basis for everything we do, even if (and especially when) dealing with complicated subjects. 

Customer focused
Value oriented
Quality obsessed
People centric
What we do

We create compelling communications ​to help advance your business objectives

Communications Strategy

Through extensive experience and broad expertise, we develop impactful strategies

Sustainability Communications

Writing sustainability reports is at the core of what we do and we have been doing it for more than a decade
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Advanced Writing & Editing

We are a team of experienced writers who take pride in our copywriting, storytelling and editing abilities

Content Development

We start with the core of your message to build a foundation for exceptional content
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Marketing Communications

We help you position your product for maximum impact

Writing for SEO

Optimizing websites for enhanced reach is key to our process
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experience excellence

More than 15 years of communications experience

We have a network of creative visual design professionals who partner with Pole Farm on a project basis. ​If your communications need does include design, we will assemble  a team based on your scope and budget.  

Passion is what drives us

Telling the story of a business

Curious about what people say about us & our services?
Our Mission

To help you leave a refreshing & lasting impression in a loud & crowded field

​Whether you are a large corporation, a small start-up, or somewhere in between, we can help you tell your story in an effective and compelling manner. By developing an in-depth and thorough understanding of your business, we can distill your message into its purest form.

Let’s create and tell compelling stories.

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